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As an educator I've witnessed over and over the power of a book to connect people who otherwise may not have much in common.

Anxious to keep myself and my own two sons engaged in the larger world around us, I committed to driving across town to read books to kids. Our first visit was to the park behind Mesa Verde Elementary. We read to 8 kids that day and let them each choose a book to keep out of our box of 100 used books. The kids were so happy and thankful and enjoyed looking through all of them to pick their favorite. It was a wonderful experience, but we ended up putting 92 books back in my car and driving them across town to sit in my garage again. On that drive home, something happened in my heart. Serving those 8 children was wonderful, but I was quickly convicted that the need in our community is actually a thousand times the number we saw that day.

The research we've done since we began has confirmed that reality. As a teacher, I witness daily the effects of a child not having access to books in the years leading up to Kindergarten. I believe that literacy is the ultimate equalizer. I believe that if someone could figure out how to get books into their homes, into their hands, as many as we can and at the earliest possible opportunity, we could help break the cycle of poverty, changing the story for thousands of our children. I feel strongly called and unwaveringly dedicated to this ministry.

Chandra Perkins, Founder/Director of Storybridge

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